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When aspirational founders encounter daring ideas, the possibilities are endless. Thrive in a business environment fuelled by entrepreneurial and investment experience, integrity, and purpose.

Derek Gately, CEO Leeson Group

Our track record of growing companies speaks for itself.

We invest in high potential founders.

We pride ourselves on becoming true partners, actively involved in building your company.

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We back ambitious business owners in the following areas:

BPO Services
We partner with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services companies with the potential to transform traditional business processes through innovative technologies that enable organisations to optimise their operations and achieve cost savings on a global scale.
AI Technology
We actively seek AI Technology businesses poised to disrupt industries by offering solutions that improves productivity, decision-making, and customer engagement in a data-driven business landscape.
Software as a Service
We invest in Software as a Service (SaaS) organisations that offer scalable and user-friendly solutions, empowering businesses to adopt powerful software tools that enhance daily business activities.
We are dedicated to fueling the growth of Fintech companies that redefine financial services, use technology to improve user access, enhance security, and create innovative ways for individuals and businesses to manage their finances.
We invest in Insuretech businesses that use innovative technology to revolutionise the insurance industry, creating personalised and streamlined customer experiences while enhancing operational efficiency for insurers.

“The Luas Partners team emphasises the word 'team' — it's about more than money. They helped me to focus on what really matters to scale my company in more ways than I could imagine." — Derek Gately, Leeson Group

With the support of like-minded experts, let us help you build the business legacy you envisioned.

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