Our Portfolio

Visionary individuals are the driving force behind ground-breaking companies. Discover the exceptional businesses, who embody a spirit of innovation, that we support.


Pinpoint AI assists businesses of all sizes to use artificial intelligence optimally by transforming the way they operate, compete, and innovate.

With extensive applications and out of the box solutions, Pinpoint AI’s high performance cloud-based platform ingests, classifies, indexes, and extracts data with 80% less human effort allowing businesses to do better every day.

Leeson Group

Leeson Claims uses the deep knowledge and expertise of seasoned insurance professionals to deliver efficient claims management services that are both reliable and innovative.

Their unique blend of extensive industry expertise and cutting-edge innovation, allows them to combine decades of experience with the newest technical advances. They transform their clients claims process into a powerhouse of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction during the entire process.

Integrity 360

Founded in 2005 by Eoin Goulding, Integrity 360 is an industry-leading cyber security specialist operating in Ireland and the U.K. Since then they've earned the status of trusted security advisor for over 1,500 clients across UK and Ireland.

Many of their clients are listed on major stock exchanges and operate within highly regulated industries, conforming to strict compliance and regulation standards.

They protect billions of assets and transactions every day and secure millions of clients and employees.


Diona offers creative solutions and consultancy for global Health and Human Services institutions. Diona's social programme engagement solutions use smartphones and tablets to help organisations serve people better and improve workforce collaboration.

Diona has provided impactful engagement and consultancy services to government agencies through Health and Human Services programmes. Our strong subject understanding and technological experience help Diona customers worldwide overcome complicated problems and reap big rewards.