We believe in your ambitious ideas

As previous founders, we understand the ups and downs of a growing business so we can combine our expertise with your purpose to create scalable success.


At the heart of Luas Partners lies the conviction that every entrepreneur aspires to grow their business exponentially.

At Luas, we know there is a better way to scale companies, a way that realises the vision of founders while getting expert support and streamlining processes through agility and continuous innovation.

Our unwavering faith in the transformative power of technology, shared knowledge and playing the long game fuels our commitment to helping you achieve your purpose with lasting impact.


Luas is the Irish word for speed.

For us, it means getting to the right destination quicker. That doesn't mean taking shortcuts. It means mapping out our shared journey together and choosing the right people and the right team to help us get there as efficiently as possible.

We see our joint venture as an adventure together. It’s a journey where we add experience, integrity and purpose to find the right blend of chemistry to take the team further.

Our destination leads us to the right place at the right time with the right people.


We work with people we like, trust and respect.


We put founders first.


We facilitate scale through effective governance, operations and expertise.


We play the long game.


We are resourceful through an innovative approach.


We shape legacies.

Meet the team

Group President

Eoin Goulding

With two decades of technology expertise, Eoin is a visionary leader who established, spearheaded, and steered a thriving global cybersecurity enterprise.

He enjoys being on the front lines of business development, fuelled by his commitment to nurturing team growth.

Beyond the office, Eoin embraces the rush of mountain biking, tennis, and rugby.


Mike Murphy

A dynamic leader with a multi-faceted background, Mike is the former CEO of BidX1 and brings over 25 years of invaluable experience from both national and international arenas.

He brings unparalleled acumen in finance, complex operations and digital transformation.

Mike is a passionate sailor who recently completed the Fastnet race, enjoys tennis, and also cycles to the office daily.


Seed capital raised

10+ Successful exits
50+ Years experience
Investment Partner

Kevin White

Kevin White is seasoned CEO and COO with over 25 years of experience. A former Group COO at Digicel, with a strong focus on business scale-up and turnaround. With extensive international and board-level expertise, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge to the Luas table.

Beyond his professional achievements, Kevin is a music enthusiast, rugby supporter, and enjoys time with his family.

Investment Partner

Conor Crowley

A technology leader and the former CEO of Vizor Software which he founded in 2000, Conor has the experience of building and exiting from an Irish technology success story.

He has led product development and architecture of a globally deployed technology.

Business Consultant

Andy Langford

With 15+ years of experience and an MBA, Andy has rich expertise in technology, sales, marketing and operations.

He is driven by a passion for crafting value-driven solutions for clients and relentless curiosity gives him a keen eye to pinpoint growth opportunities.

Besides being a frustrated golfer, Andy is an outdoor enthusiast and plays rugby.

Financial Consultant

Andy O'Reilly

A tech-savvy chartered accountant, Andy has a unique blend of financial and technological knowledge.

With a track record of hands-on experience in raising and deploying growth capital, he heads up our finance team and supports other business areas to ensure efficiency gains.

Andy has boundless energy for business and enjoys playing rugby, running marathons and sailing in his spare time.

Business Office Manager

Sandra Fenner

With unparalleled relationship management and organisational abilities, Sandra has extensive experience in banking, business, cyber security, property and investments.  Her interpersonal skills exemplify her genuine interest in the people behind the business.  Outside (and sometimes inside) the office, Sandra has a keen eye for art, antiques and genealogy and is an avid rugby supporter.

Meet the team

Partner with us

Investor FAQ

How can I get involved?
We want to work with like-minded individuals who we get on well with. Chemistry is key for us all to enjoy our involvement together and maximise our success potential. We want to meet you and show you how we operate. If this aligns with your goals and there is a nice fit, we'll bring you into the fold.
Can I only invest capital or do you want me to get involved?
We want our partners to share in the ambitions of our entrepreneurs and to support these ambitions with lived experience. In some cases, there will be less requirement for involvement than others, however, Luas Partners is more than just a capital investment for our entrepreneurs.
How much effort do you expect me to put in weekly?
It will vary substantially depending on your skill set and the needs of our entrepreneurs. We class the involvement of our investor partners as “active” and we plan to enjoy our involvement along the way.
How much will I be required to invest?
There are no hard and fast rules — each investment will be assessed on its own merits. Our goal is to ensure an efficient ownership structure is maintained for our entrepreneurs.
We prioritise connections that strengthen our team's expertise and add value to the founders we support.