We'll be there every step of the way because building relationships is at the heart of what we do

To realise your business’ full potential takes work, talent, budget, and a bit of luck. We know that some of these items may not be at your disposal — that’s why we collaborate with you to leverage technology, data, and resources, empowering customer acquisition and the ability to replicate success at scale.

What we look for

How we work


There is a reason you have reached out and we understand that. If you feel your vision aligns with our investment focus and values.

In a friendly meeting, you will share your story, and we will ask some questions about the team, product and market potential.

If there's potential alignment, we will discuss the next steps and set expectations.

Let’s talk.
Let’s talk.

Let’s get down to the details. We'll spend time getting to know each other and your business to see if it’s a good fit for our investment portfolio.

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the company's team, technology, financials and market traction to determine if it fits our investment criteria.

Evaluate your company's alignment with our values, culture and long-term strategic objectives.

Due diligence.
Due diligence.

We’ll check what your business has been up to, the state of affairs, future plans, competition and opportunities for growth.

Our internal team and external experts will conduct thorough research to understand your business model, market position, your company's market opportunity, competitive advantages, intellectual property and regulatory landscape.

We will also assess the scalability and sustainability of your company's business model and operational capabilities.

Building trust.
Building trust.

As we progress, we will engage in open and honest discussions, addressing concerns and exploring opportunities together.

If the due diligence confirms the company's potential, we will work on a non-binding term sheet outlining the proposed investment terms and conditions that reflects both parties' interests.

Sealing the deal.
Sealing the deal.

Once we agree on the term sheet, we will proceed with the necessary legal and financial documentation to close the investment deal.

With the deal closed, we will roll up our sleeves and start working with you, welcoming you to our family, and offer our support for your growth journey.


We provide guidance, connections and resources to help your company succeed.

Founder FAQs

At what stage do you invest in a business?
We do not invest at the seed level. We do not invest purely to provide founders with an exit. We invest in companies with ambitious entrepreneurs focused on how they can grow their businesses.
When should I approach you about investment?
We are always interested to hear about the plans and ambitions of business owners. We welcome entrepreneurs to reach out to us at any stage — tell us where your company is heading and what you need to get there and we can see if there’s a good fit.
How much will you typically invest in a company?
That depends on the needs of the company. Part of the core tenant of Luas ethos is we do not just invest in the business, we invest our team's time and expertise. We share your ambitions and are driven to win together. We partner with you on your growth journey through equity investment and other growth capital.
How many investments do you make each year?
Typically we find that between 2 and 4 is a perfect mix, however, if we see an opportunity then we will commit to it. To achieve this volume, we will speak to a vast array of entrepreneurs searching for the right chemistry and ambition — we're transparent and quick to make a call on proceeding with the partnership.
Are you focused on any typical industry or sector?
We focus on businesses that can achieve enhanced outcomes through the application of technology. A sweet spot for us is services businesses with the potential to expand outside of Ireland into the UK and further afield. Culture and chemistry are some of the most important criteria for us. We'll work in whatever industry we find great entrepreneurs with ambitions for growth.
What are your primary investment criteria?
Great people. Management teams with a can-do attitude who are excited about growing their businesses alongside the Luas Partners team are key.
What is the typical investment process and how long will it take?
Timelines can vary but the process is always the same. We will look at the business, meet up to explore shared ambitions and get to know each other, support the establishment of a data room, complete due diligence and get the deal across the line.
What makes you different from other investment firms?
We are growth partners who understand the path to growth is rarely linear. We work with ambitious entrepreneurs who we get on with and believe in. We provide capital and targeted support from experienced business leaders to enhance the existing management team in areas such as Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Cyber Security and IT.
How do you support your client companies?
People, Technology & Processes are usually the key areas where we can help improve efficiencies. We want to create an environment where the core management team can focus on growing the business efficiently. The founder's path is lonely, and sometimes you need someone to guide you — this is where we see our involvement coming into its own. We have been there and done this ourselves and see the energy and effort management teams need to grow to the next level. Our experience going through our own exits means we can hit the ground running as the key elements are always the same.